Office Posture Management Workshop

Presented by Kailee Booth

Sunday 8th October 2023     10am - 12pm


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Expand your knowledge, learn how to improve your desk set up and help long term improvement of posture and pain.
Who's it For?

Those who get recurrent muscle, joint or nerve pain

People who suffer from tension headaches

Those who want to improve their posture

People who are new to desk work and want to prevent pain and poor posture

Those who have lower back and/or glute pain, sciatic pain, upper back, shoulder and neck pain

People who wan to improve their work from home set up

Those who feel stiff and restricted in their movement

What Will I Gain?

Knowledge of common injuries and niggles caused by the workplace

Stretch, strengthen and mobility guide to help and prevent posture-related pain

How to ergonomically set up your desk at work and home

What to do if you're already in pain

And much more!

Please note there is a set of stairs to access the building.

If you have any questions please contact

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